Sunday, March 31, 2024


“Great Replacement”

 doesn’t discriminate.  Any color is fair game in the Democrats’ scheme to replace you with a new crop of socialist-friendly voters. 





Honesty Confronts the

 pompous arrogance and blatent bias of the BBC


 If it’s shadow-banned by YouTube it’s probably worth watching..

Saturday, March 30, 2024




 If there’s one thing that’s continually proven true, it’s that healthy skepticism is usually the most accurate stance of appraisal.


Under the rule of…



KGB Americana

 These videos are chilling.

America, like Western Europe, has been completely overtaken by commie/fascist authoritarians.

Add to this, an election system now designed to keep authoritarians in power.  

Thank god for the millions of Americans of every race and background who will not let this stand.

In the end, there will be a lot of unemployed ex- FBI agents. 

Thursday, March 28, 2024



 …And, there are actually people so stupid that they don’t understand why Trump is so popular


 Strategic Border Security


No one likes being used.

I hate to “throw in the towel” when gross injustice is directed at America’s citizens but…

It’s entirely possible, maybe even likely, that Biden and his powerful allies will actively seek to give amnesty to millions of border-crashers in the country illegally.  What to do then? Over decades, some of the “newcomers” (Biden’s new bogus label for the foreign invaders), will become conservative but we can’t wait for that while Democrats are constructing a Soviet style gulag for America. Telling you what kind of stove you’re permitted to use is just a start. There’s still a weak and ineffective opposition but the courts and media are on the verge of shutting that down. 

An ad blitz needs to be directed at the very people the Democrats intend to use to make their power-play. Carefully indicating how migrants are being used for Democrats’ selfish interest is sure to piss some of them off. Along with that, some skillful ad production needs to make clear the very real truth that, an America in leftist hands will turn America into the very squalor most of these people have left. In genuine fractal form, we see the same scheme played out on  different scales, large and small.  People flee Venezuela, come to America, and vote to turn America into Venezuela.  People flee California and New York, and come to Texas and Florida, and vote to transform Texas and Florida into California and New York.

If the Democrats grand plan (now, beyond obvious) is successful, no one will win, aside from the leftist ruling caste. 

Strategies for all possibilities need to be actively perused…now.

A sane and functional court would shut the Democrats’ scheme down immediately. A sane and functional congress would shut down all funding for the parasitic wave and, a sane and pro-American president would send the opportunists packing.

Most importantly, a sane, aware, and decent electorate would never have allowed any of this to happen. 

Time is running out. Those residing in America; rich and poor, citizen or non-citizen, will not like living in a destitute communist dictatorship.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024



 Leftist media loves authoritarian leftism.


Just what is it that Democrats aren’t understanding about

Stuff like this? 


The Daily “Newcomer”…


Tuesday, March 26, 2024


The Media Industrial Complex

 Are leftist liars on steroids.


Trump Racism

 …for all to see.



Third Term  when conjecture pins it with remarkable accuracy, you’d have to be blind not to see it. 






Voting for Freedom and Prosperity

and, voting against tyranny.

A civilized free society is one where government’s role is heavily restricted to maintaining the security needed for citizens to pursue success and happiness.

The Democrat party in America today not only fails to perform that role but actively undermines it. It sees its role as one of merely issuing commands.

From what kind of car and stove you’ll be permitted to use to how your children will be raised to restricting what you’re allowed to read, discuss, and think, the Democrats are authoritarian communists by any definition.

Citizens who vote for alternatives to Democrats and other statist political parties will at least be trying to wrest back the liberty that has guided America.

Those who vote for Democrats are either blind in awareness of human nature and how history has repeated this cycle before or they actively desire the virtual enslavement of themselves and fellow citizens.

Monday, March 25, 2024


The only assimilation they will be doing is

 voting in American elections…voting to bring their culture, politics, and standard of living to America.

A deliberate scheme facilitated by the Democrat party and allied leftist institutions. 


Dance of the Uniparty

 The scam continues.

Sunday, March 24, 2024


Saving our Democracy 🤡🤡🤡



The Coming Storm

When Trump wins (by overwhelming margins) in November, the massive forces of the leftist industrial complex will unleash mayhem everywhere. Thug mobs like Antifa and BLM will Burn down cites while the state and its affiliated Democrat party and establishment/state media will give tacit defense and approval to it all.

It’s possible (likely) that the insurgent forces will do all in their power to prevent the transfer of power (the action that they’ve spent years falsely accusing Trump of). 

It’s important to remember, this is ultimately not about Trump. The left will be using the power they’ve accumulated over the decades to crush the views, votes, and choices of the electorate.  

You are not allowed to disagree. You are not allowed to vote for an unapproved candidate. You are not allowed to resist the imposition of tyranny.  Amongst mass-resistance to their schemes, it wouldn’t be a complete surprise if the Democrats called in “assistance” from the U.N.  The goal is ultimately world government and control — dystopia.

Occasional trucker strikes and protests are nothing compared to what’s coming. Millions of free people are not going to go down easy.

When the time comes, when your freedoms, prosperity, and pursuit of happiness are on the line, respond accordingly.   

…’millions of us.  Considerably less of “them.”  

Saturday, March 23, 2024


Decent hard-working American farmers vs.

 the evil pigs of the leftist industrial complex,


Another Airhead Crashes and Burns

 The great Senator Kennedy confronts another climate change idiot. 

Friday, March 22, 2024


The official Biden/Democrat lable is now




 A master purveyor of DISinformation and staunch ally of authoritarian newspeak.


Tik Tok Sucks…

 But, maybe government in general sucks more.


The Steal

 …that the leftist industrial complex keeps telling us “never happened.”

A coup by sneaky means.

Thursday, March 21, 2024


Leftism run amok

 Always leads to famine… which they will then blame on “floods” and “greedy farmers.”

Get ready for some serious food shortages, Sri Lanka and North Korea style. 


Trillions of Dollars

 …and increasing loss of liberty, just to have ourselves scamed


Thank you Joe

 I thoroughly despise the Chinese Communist Party. It’s an absolutely evil institution on par with Nazi Germany. 

 (If WWII had not taken place and the NAZI party had decades to establish themselves into a position of mundane governance, we would no doubt see a system that appeared semi-legitimate to the world while it terrorized it’s own citizens and bullied those around them).

Joe Biden and his Democrat handlers (Obama?) have America involved directly or indirectly in conflicts around the world now — something that was not the case four years ago. 

While Taiwan has always been a potential catalyst for direct conflict between America and China, stunts like this certainly increase the chances of such conflict.  

One needn’t be sympathetic to an evil autocratic state to acknowledge the absolutely stupid actions of the American government under deep state incompetence. 



 Now, they can steal your home and YOU will be arrested.

Remember, the left’s prime sympathies will always be with the criminal, the dictator, and the state.  

Wednesday, March 20, 2024


 An excellent documentary on the “deep state,” specifically the CIA


A leftist is

 A very different thing from a traditional liberal Democrat.


Deutschland [Unter] Alles

 ‘Can’t seem to shake some old and bad habits.

Hegel lives on.


Kissing the boots…a love story

 The Left has always been a big fan of powerful punitive top-down government authority.

When the Jacobin rabble tells you that Donald Trump is “authoritarian” and a “threat to democracy”…now you know why.   (They’re projecting their own underhanded authoritarian impulses). 


Another Conspiracy Theory…

 that isn’t a conspiracy theory.

(They left out the part about what Democrat/communists plan to do to the constitution and the country’s citizens once they achieve unopposed power).

Tuesday, March 19, 2024


That Snooty Little Brat in Elementary School

The leftist industrial complex is pathetic.  Every week there’s a new whining complaint regarding the conservative desire to save our republic. 

They’ve turned serious issues in government into smug complaints about etiquette. In the end, their entire “argument” is no more profound than that snooty little brat in elementary school:  “I’m going to tell the teacher you used a bad word.”


The establishment DNC media’s latest crock of excrement.  


What would he do?

 I don’t recall who it was that recently described the enhanced fear that Democrats have for a Trump second term but the person called it quite accurately.

Perpetually in projection mode, the Democrats are assuming that Trump will do to them what they have been doing to him, his family, and associates.  They know what they’ve done to Trump and his circle. They know they’ve been dishonest and downright cruel to someone who, in the end, merely has a traditional view of public policy.  “He might lower taxes and seal the border!” — gasp!

No one really knows what Trump will do in response to the seven years of persecution directed at him.  I know what I — and most people — would do. There are plenty of provable crimes (treason being one of them) committed by actors in the deep state, the Democrat party, and the leftist industrial complex.  Some are Republicans (eg. Liz Cheney).  

It’s certainly possible that Trump will hold to his recent statement that success will be his revenge but, if he chooses to unleash his justice department, few citizens will shed tears over people like John Brennen or Merrick Garland facing some warranted justice. In such a scenario, talking heads will see it as mere equivalency but there is a glaring difference, what they did to him were complete acts of fabrication, conspiracy, and evil intent.  The scoundrels he would “go after” have actually committed provable crimes against individuals and America’s constitution.  

The left is terrified that they will face their projection head on and pay the appropriate price. They’re scared…and, they should be.


Freedom’s last stand. 


Move along…

nothin to see here. 


The “threat to our democracy”

 I heard that Trump has also threatened to “beat Biden .”  Experts have concluded that he meant, “up the side of the head.”

Monday, March 18, 2024


Leftist “compassion”

 For evil violent criminal scum.


When you’ve beat a dead horse one too many times…

No one cares about ”racism” anymore (or any other dramatized exercise in victimhood)  — real or imagined. They just don’t care. Get over it. 

Sunday, March 17, 2024


The Steal….again. Subverting our Democracy

to save our democracy.


 The Democrat destruction of a two-and-a-half century republic. 

Saturday, March 16, 2024


The concocted new threat from, “Christian nationalism”

First we had the Covid “pandemic” (and the phony “vaccine”).  Then, an unarmed “insurrection” with grandmas and veterans on the front lines. Then, the imaginary threat of “white supremacy.”  Now, they’ve got a new illusion up their sleeve.  “Christian Nationalism.”  That should get you shaking in your boots. ‘Bad enough, the occasional evangelical pesters you about what church you may belong to, now the leftosphere tells us we’re in danger of a genuine insurgency from people reciting bible passages.

Like many, I can’t say that I’m religious.  I speculate on all sorts of possibilities to understand what the hell is going on “here.”   Although I don’t believe in  “The invisible man in the sky” , I’m inclined to believe in some form of intelligent design. While billions of years can certainly refine the rough expressions of mere randomness, what’s going on in our universe seems to transpire with remarkable expressions of symmetry and order between periods of chaos, death, and rebirth.  In spite of the adaptions, alterations, and evolution that occurs, there appears to be a basic recipe at work, a foundation of archetypal principles that are repeatedly manifested.  Numbers follow certain consistent rules even though they’re completely intangible.   The elements on the periodic table act and interact in orderly and predictable ways.  

A lot of contemporary intellectuals seem to pride themselves in their belief that nothing particularly noteworthy is taking place — people like the World Economic Forum’s Yuval Harari (a despicable human being) is fully convinced that we are gods, even though his use of “we” doesn’t include most of us.

If one hasn’t noticed recent concerted efforts by government and compliant authoritarian institutions, to mock, chastise, and punish believers in Christianity, they aren’t paying attention.

The radical left has always had a problem with religious belief, be it revolutionary Jacobins in the French revolution attacking the Catholic church, or the Chinese Communist Party harassing Falun Gong, Uighur Muslims, or Christians. Of course we all know why this is…competition.  

“Faith” or belief in some higher power seems to be hard-wired into most of us.  Authoritarian collectivists have always wanted themselves to be that higher power.  They are the true Lucifers of history. Perpetually seeking to dethrone the holy in their quest for absolute power (which you’ll remember, “corrupts absolutely”). Read Eric Hoffer’s“The True Believer”  to fully understand mass-movement’s affinity with saints and ritual in their seeking to impose heaven on Earth.  Of course their “heaven” is our hell — every time.

While they typically seek to frame their mission as some ideological crusade for “justice,” in the end, their acts are little different than an animal’s seizing of territory.  All the destruction and misery they bring to history’s table is for little more than the goal of establishing themselves king of the human jungle. 

Even in the current secular environment, it’s not easy to completely eliminate the cultural legacy of two millennia.  Even the most die hard atheist in the West conducts themselves within a Judeo-Christian cultural milieu. Ironically, the most anti-western, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian ideologues state their case within a template of Western, capitalist, and Christian values, calling for scientific progress, economic achievement, and generalized goals of “equality.”

Attacking the bedrock cultural legacy of nations is one way, among a multi-faceted strategy, to implement a new order.  If there is no God, no heaven, no male or female, right or wrong, then the schemers of dystopia pretty much have free rein to do as they please.  

It’s only been fairly recently that the term “Christian Nationalism” has come to be spouted by media and political discourse.  As a moniker it’s fairly effective.  “Bible thumper” conjured mere ignorance. “Christian Nationalist” paints an image of jack-booted inquisitors allied against justice and tolerance. 

It’s probably true that most Christians in America are conservative and reasonably patriotic but, in the end, claiming that some are “Christian nationalists” isn’t much different than calling moderate conservatives “Nazis” and “fascists.”  ‘Just another semantic game to tarnish the image of anyone that dares call the “revolution” into question. 

It may offend some intellectuals, pundits, and critics but there are still a lot of people who strive to order their lives in accordance with traditional beliefs.  Such people will always be a threat to those seeking to upend society for some sterile political goal.  The threat from patriotic believers lies most in their knowing that it’s okay to believe in a higher power that isn’t the state or an imposing political party.  


Science Fiction…

 Always gets it right. …not always a good thing.

Friday, March 15, 2024



Thursday, March 14, 2024


A very good documentary

 The Chinese communist party’s influence on Hollywood.  (Ironic considering that, left to themselves, Hollywood has got plenty of internal support for totalitarian collectivism). 


The Psychopathology

 of the vengeful and paranoid Marxist race warrior.


 Coming to our senses.


Warmongers and idiots on parade

Vladimir Putin says that nuclear weapons are on the table if Russia’s sovereignty is threatened.

Here’s an idea — easy, ‘won’t cost a thing — Don’t threaten Russia’s sovereignty(!)  Is that really so hard?

Wednesday, March 13, 2024


Wesley Hunt on voter ID

 Definitely presidential material

Tuesday, March 12, 2024


 Democrats are not going to allow voters to choose the next president…like last time.


“Politics is downstream from culture”

 God forbid they be assigned Shakespeare, Milton, or Last of the Mohicans. 


The New Electorate

THIS is how a radical political party literally steals a nation from under the feet of its citizens.  Once the Democrats attain unopposed authority, that's when the Maoist phase begins. 


When citizens must do what their government….

 …fails to do.

Monday, March 11, 2024



 The scam begins.


Government Spending

 and common sense.


The Democrat concocted

Disaster .

Remember, this chaos is deliberately created so that Democrats can attain unchallenged one-party status so they can implement and enforce anything they want. 

They-are-communists!  As with every leftist “revolution” (they are all coup d’ ètats), they bring nothing but chaos, violence, and decline. 


Top-down NON-market economics

 And the Climate Change scam.


 Tilting at - stupid - windmills.

Sunday, March 10, 2024



 not so popular in the heartland. 


More icing on the Democrats’ Stalinist cake.


 Sit down!

Saturday, March 09, 2024


Restore Order

 I don’t support RFK Jr. for president of the United States.  If one does a deep dive into some of his policy prescriptions, we find some fairly left-leaning ideals, particularly in regard to environmental policy.  That said, like many conservatives, I can appreciate Kennedy’s sincerity and adherence to many traditional standards. Unlike most Democrats today (he’s running as an independent), he doesn’t hate America, hate America’s past, or hope to undermine America’s future.

What stood out to me in  THIS  brief analysis by RFK Jr. was an accurate depiction of our problems and the implied solutions.  While there are many problems and a variety of solutions, the turbulence of our time requires a very simple overarching solution; RESTORE ORDER.

People from Tucker Carlson to Jordan Peterson have alluded to the role of order as an important principle in individual lives and the life of a society.  In recent decades, radical elements in our culture have sought the destruction of our society and have realized that the most effective method for achieving that destruction is disruption and chaos.  From the twisted promotion of aberrant sexual proclivities to the unleashing of rampant crime, chaos as a political strategy has become a successful means to achieving rule by ideologues and radical control freaks.

Simple order needn’t conjure images of marching jackboots.  Order, symmetry, harmony, and beauty is an easily obtained outcome for a society that wishes to live successfully.  An ascendant civilization has historically always been one where the common citizen adhered to principles of decency and belief in consciously promoted standards of virtue.

“Tolerance” need not be something directed at permutations of disorder and decay.  Advancement will recur when subversive elements are rejected and order restored. 

Restore order.

Friday, March 08, 2024


They couldn’t just quietly exist on the sidelines

They couldn’t just quietly exist on the sidelines and accept the fact that they’re a tiny fragment of one percent of the population.  Most people didn’t care about the exceedingly rare occurrence of a bearded dude wearing a dress and lipstick. At most, they’d get some eye-rolls and tepid laughter. Then, they had to join forces with the usual control freaks of leftism, demand entry into women's sports, confuse young children with perverse “story hours,” and actually acknowledge their proclivities as “minor attracted” perverts.  

Now, the Jacobin cabal is using lawfare to harass and punish those who refuse to go along with their stupid nonsense.

There WILL be a backlash. While I hope no one “gets hurt,” I won’t be surprised when sanity reasserts itself and these clowns are forced back into the creepy shadows they sprung from.

Thursday, March 07, 2024


The Sublime Finale to

 Anton Bruckner’s Symphony Number 8


Worse than assholes are….

 Assholes on a power trip.


More Objective Insight

 …from the real rebels.  (Begin video at about 3:30).

Wednesday, March 06, 2024


Absolutely amazing

No one saw THIS coming. …when it occurred.  The clip is actually from several years ago but definitely conveys the spirit of what a real rebel would feel about Donald Trump. He is still the greatest middle finger to be cast at the evil elites who have sought to corral average people into misery and subservience. 

Real rebels don’t love Big Brother and the people who do promote the interests of Big Brother — public and private, foreign and domestic — are idiots.

Tuesday, March 05, 2024


Screwing over the old constituency

 To replace it with a more reliable new one.


Next, going for the courts

 Going for the nation’s jugular.


The Leftist Globalist State Industrial Complex

 Is on a mission to censor your access to information.


‘Not even hiding it anymore…

Truth is stranger than satire.

The Democrat-communists are pathetic.  They literally control almost all aspects of society and have now made it clear that  they believe that voters should not be permitted to decide elections.

Remember, Trump, in spite of an occasionally witty and brash manner, basically supports policies that were the norm for both parties a mere couple of decades ago. He was already president for four years. We know how he governs and it isn’t remotely close to the authoritarian manner of today’s communist Democrats.  

I could be wrong but, my prediction is that Trump will win the electoral and popular vote by a landslide…but not be able to take office.  I don’t know yet what their scheme will be aside from violent genuine insurrection from their street thugs in Antifa and BLM.  But, we can be certain, leftland simply will not allow the public to gain back the security and success of a few years ago. It’s not beyond possibility that the actual — recently purged — military will be called into play.

Every indictment, impeachment, and wonton attack upon conservatism (half the political spectrum and, to some degree,  half the public) and Trump, has been under the sole direction of the globalist uniparty and its minions. 

The Democrats are too stupid to know how these things progress in history.  When the Jacobin mob gains ascendency, establishment Democrats will be the first to hang at their hands.  Globalist institutions — also, amazingly stupid — will cheer on the Chinese Communist party as it sweeps up the debris of the fallen figurehead of freedom.   Once China solidifies their position, they’ll go to war with the globalist institutions that helped them gain power. In the aftermath of it all, the choice for the average citizen will be old-school communism, some other form of fascism, or a technocratic dystopia that gives honor to the former.

Nice going.

Sunday, March 03, 2024


“[We’re] not going to take it anymore”

 Take That!
















Worthy of Consideration



Election denial for Me

…and NOT for thee. 

Saturday, March 02, 2024


 Your communist government dissolving freedoms.


The second half of this short video   Is particularly ….interesting.


 The leftist/globalist/deep state Coup d'’etat


From the people who point their fingers at “fascism”

 On the pecipice.


The phrase, conspiracy “theory,” is by definition, something that can be potentially proven — and often is. 

Friday, March 01, 2024


Bread, Circuses, and Subversion

The Tik Tok psyop. 

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